Diane Collier

Subjects taught at EAC: 
Artist's Statement: 
Fascinated with African Art (and obsessed with Africa since my first visit) it has influenced all of my art from pottery to painting. The influence of 'primitive' or 'tribal art' can be seen in the works of many 20th century masters and continues to inspire artists around the world including myself. I try to create elegant, simple designs that will hold up with time.
Approach to teaching: 
I like to have my students 'explore' clay with a variety of hand-building techniques as well as working on the potters wheel, to help them get a feel for the clay and find out what they enjoy the most. I also like to experiment with glazing and other methods for finishing a piece, whether functional or sculptural.
Training and Distinctions: 
Studied Typography and Graphic Design at Rivier College and New England school of Design and illustration at Mass College of Art. I have previously taught Art at NECC, BCAE & Middlesex CC and for EAC since 1998.