Food for the World

516 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA

Lead Artist: Jason Asselin

Student Painters: Jason Asselin, Catherine Perez, Aidan Rodriguez, Kelvin Abreu, Luis Rodriguez, Kyarha Svelti, Rodalfi Heredia Alvarez, David Olivio

Sponsor Organization: Essex Art Center

The "Food for the World" mural (created July/Aug 2016) is the latest installation of the Summer Mural Program that started at Essex Art Center in 2013, by local artist/teacher Eric Allshouse.  All of the murals are created by a lead artist and students are hired to help paint the murals. This mural is dedicated to Julia Polanco and her Food for the World pantry, in operation for 21 years. As the name "Food for the World" implies, the theme revolves around nourishment. Creating it was an evolving process, influenced by the ideas of its makers, as well as people passing by 516 Essex St. The food that the artists decided to paint reflects a few of the food traditions within the different cultures of the people of Lawrence.  This mural is opposite another mural "The Olde Company Candy Mural" which was created in 2017.