461 Hampshire Street, Lawrence, MA

Lead Artist: Jason Asselin

Student Painters: Eleianet Nunez, Robbie Powers, Jenilee Lopez, Aidan Rodriquez, and Jensy Vazquez.

Sponsor Organization: Essex Art Center

This mural was created in July/Aug 2017 as part of Essex Art Center's Summer Mural Program.  Executive Director John Budzyna drives the EAC van once a week to the Tarbox School where he picks up 14 students to attend free art classes at EAC during the winter, spring and fall semesters.  He drives by Ocoa Market which is the centerpiece of this mural.  He noticed the owner trying to keep up with painting over graffitti tags that would continue to reapear a few weeks after each new bright paint job.  John connected artist/teacher Jason Asselin with Rafael Arias of Ocoa Market to work on a design.  The theme of "Elements" emerged and the mural that was supposed to be on the long wall of his convenience store, now uses the waves to wrap it around to the front.